This Week: How to Hire IT Pros
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This Week: How to Hire IT Pros

We've all been there. That much-anticipated hire just didn't work out — despite seemingly having all the right qualifications. Hiring, especially in IT, is a beast. So, this week on the blog, we looked at how you can evaluate candidates better — and hire the right ones.

Soft Skills for Technical Hires: What Matters & What Doesn’t

We all know that soft skills are a must for IT pros, whether they want to move into leadership roles or not. What's not as clear is which of those skills are more important to posses than others. We attempted to take some of the guesswork out of your hands.

How to Evaluate Technical Skills in an Interview

At the end of the day, when hiring for IT roles, technical skills do matter a lot. But sometimes it can be tricky to evaluate one's technical skills without seeing them in action. We put together a list of ways to put hard skills to the test.

How Non-Tech HR Managers Should Hire Technical Pros

To screen the right candidates and get the right people in for interviews, HR and IT managers need to be on the same page. Here's a guide to helping your HR team know what you are looking for skills-wise and find the candidates you need.



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