This Week: DoDD 8140 is (Almost) Here
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This Week: DoDD 8140 is (Almost) Here

Not surprising, when it comes to working government jobs, there's a lot of regulations and standards around security and proper training. This week on the blog, we looked at the new 8140 directive, why it took so long to review the 8570 manual, and the differences between cybersecurity frameworks.

8140 Manual Status: Why the Review Has Taken So Long

Fifteen years have passed since DoDD 8570 was published. Now it's finally being reviewed and a new manual is expected to roll out soon. Does that seem long overdue? We thought so too and decided to investigate why the review took as long as it did.

8140 Manual Likely to Replace 8570.01-M in 2020

At last, the DoDD 870 manual appears on its way out and being replaced with an updated manual. A lot changes in 15 years, right? Find out what's changing with the proposed 8140 manual.

NICE Cybersecurity Framework vs 8140: What's the Difference?

The DoDD 8140 isn't the only cybersecurity framework out there. In fact, the NICE Cybersecurity Framework actually informs the DoD's strategy — including other government agencies. So, let's see what the differences are between NICE and 8140.



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