The Top 7 IT Jobs by State on Average
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The Top 7 IT Jobs by State on Average

Jobs are rapidly being added to the information technology sector. So fast, in fact, that the job growth for the IT sector exceeds the combined average job growth in all other sectors of the economy combined. What that means is whether you're new to the field, or long in the tooth, there's never been a better time to be in the IT job market.

We’ve been collecting IT jobs data for about a year now. Here’s what that looks like on the interactive State of IT Jobs Map. Explore your city, the country, or enter your zipcode to get a local job report that’s updated weekly.

If you're just starting out in IT, the data show that entry-level jobs are getting posted in staggering numbers every single day, all over the country. And if you're a veteran IT professional, that data suggests that the IT professionals most in demand are intermediate and senior-level IT professionals.

Here at CBT Nuggets, the news that jobs in the information technology sector are growing faster than any other is hardly surprising. But now, we also have hard data about IT jobs in the country.

We started by ranking the top 20 IT jobs in every state. Then we compared those rankings against the actual number of current and available jobs posted in each state. Last, we weighed the nationwide total of job posts for that title and came up with an average. In the end, we determined the top 7 IT jobs in the country, on average, and where they're most desired.

7. Network Administrator

Between state averages and raw numbers, network administrator is the No. 7 IT job in the country and in each state. According to our data, there are only two states where the number of network administrator jobs aren't in the double-digits: Montana and Wyoming. Besides those two, the majority of states in the union have well over 1,000 current job postings for a network administrator. The top three states, California, Virginia and Washington, D.C., have 22,750 postings between them.

On a state-by-state level, network administrator is the top IT job in New Mexico, where there are 960 current and posted jobs. It's the No. 2 IT job in Arizona, Iowa and Alaska; those three states support 2,500, 1,100 and 200 jobs respectively.

6. Business Analyst

When each state's top 20 IT jobs are ranked and averaged together, the job of business analyst is tied with business analyst and software engineer. Despite being a frequently searched-for job in many states, the actual number of business analyst jobs relative to the other two jobs puts it at No. 6 overall on our list of IT jobs in the country.

Montana and Wyoming bring up the bottom of the list for business analyst, with only a couple hundred jobs between them. But, in Kentucky and Arkansas, business analyst is the No. 2 IT job, with just shy of a thousand jobs throughout each state.

It's in New York, California and Texas that business analysts find the most jobs, though. Despite being relatively lower on those state's rankings, New York has 9,200 jobs for business analysts, while California has 7,200 and Texas supports 6,400 business analyst positions.

5. Software Engineer

Software engineer is tied with system administrator and business analyst for the No. 6 position, but by virtue of the number of jobs that are posted throughout the country for it, it comes in at No. 5. Software engineer makes the top 10 for IT jobs in 35 states, and there are well over 90,000 jobs listed throughout the country for software engineers.

New Mexico, Vermont and North Dakota seem to have low demand for the job, with only about 300 job postings between the three states. But in Massachusetts, Texas and Pennsylvania, there are a high volume of jobs for software engineers, plus it's in each of those states' top 5 IT jobs. Massachusetts has 5,700 job postings for software engineers, Texas has 6,200 and Pennsylvania has 8,300 — second only to California which has 9,600, where software engineer is the #7 IT job in the state.

4. Systems Administrators

Systems administrators are sought throughout the country, and when their state-by-state demand is averaged out, they tie with business analyst and software engineer for No. 6 IT job in the country. But by sheer numbers, they make it up to No. 4 on our list of IT jobs in the country. Our data indicate that there are over 110,000 opportunities nationwide for systems administrators.

Systems administrator is the top IT job for only one state in the U.S., and that's Colorado, where 6,800 job descriptions and offers exist for it. New Mexico, Nebraska and Washington, D.C. all have systems administrator as their No. 2 IT job, and boast 800, 1,300 and 9,000 jobs in the states respectively.

3. Data Analyst

Data analyst is our No. 3 IT job throughout the country when comparing the averages of state ranks and volume of jobs. From this point on our list, the competition for how many states rank the job as their No. 1 or 2 IT job is fierce. For 21 states, data analyst is the top or second IT job in the state.

The states that have data analyst as their No. 1 IT job are Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The top three, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, have 31,000 data analyst positions open or occupied.

2. Systems Engineer

The difference in the data between our No. 2 IT job nationally and No. 1 is small, but in the end, systems engineer came out as the second most in-demand IT job in the country. When each state's top 20 IT jobs get averaged out, systems engineer is .1 points different than network engineer.

The list of states where systems engineer is the top IT job is long: Alaska, North Carolina, Missouri, Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, Maryland, Nebraska, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Kansas, Nevada, Washington, Texas, Michigan and Utah.

Nearly 200,000 IT jobs in the country are for systems administrators, and the most jobs for the position are available in Virginia (21,000), California (20,500) and Maryland (20,100).

1. Network Engineer

The position of network engineer is the top IT job in 14 states and No. 2 in 11 more. There are well over 230,000 jobs for network engineers throughout the country, and the most jobs for the position can be found in New York (30,500), Virginia (27,000) and California (24,600). It's also the No. 1 IT job in those three states.

Wrapping Up

This list of jobs is far from comprehensive, but it gives a snapshot of where some of the fastest-growing, most competitive IT jobs in the country can be found. All the jobs on this list are on the rise, and whether you've been in the field for some time or just starting out, it should give you some places to consider in your career.



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