This Week: Where to Start Your Security Career
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This Week: Where to Start Your Security Career

There's never been a better time to enter the IT security field. Organizations need all the help they can get protecting their data. With so many security-focused roles in demand, knowing which direction to go can be tricky. This week on the blog, we did some of the heavy lifting for you.

Is the SSCP Worth It?

It may not carry the name recognition as the CISSP, but don't overlook (ISC)2's SSCP certification — especially if you are brand new to IT security. Here's how you can determine whether the SSCP is worth pursuing.

Security Engineer vs. Architect: What's the Difference?

IT security roles can be very specialized. There can also be quite a bit of overlap between roles. To help you better understand some of the distinctions, we compared two popular roles: engineer and architect.

Security Analyst vs. Engineer: Where to Start?

In tandem, security analysts and engineers can do a lot to help protect organizations from malicious attacks. Either role is a safe bet for aspiring IT security pros, but which one should you pursue? We help you make the right decision for you.



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