9 Most Popular IT Jobs in Minnesota
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9 Most Popular IT Jobs in Minnesota

If you're an IT professional looking for work in Minnesota, you've probably already discovered for yourself that the vast majority of IT-related jobs in the state are lumped in the major population centers. Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Rochester, St Cloud and their suburbs have the overwhelming share of the state's IT-related jobs. The limited locations don't mean limited jobs – the state has plenty of IT jobs along 90 and 94. But if you're looking for an IT job in Minnesota, odds are good you should be prepared to work in the southern and eastern parts of the state.

And even though most IT jobs in Minnesota are in the Twin Cities or Rochester, not everyone is. There are a lot of great IT jobs in Minnesota, and many are scattered all throughout the state — some even in the far northern reaches of Grand Rapids and Duluth. At CBT Nuggets, we've accumulated tons of data and crawled through them for insights about IT jobs in Minnesota.

In this list, you'll find the nine most common IT jobs in Minnesota. If you're an IT professional looking for work in the Midwest, or you're already working in the field and you're considering what direction to head next, this list doesn't just factor existing jobs, but also takes into consideration job postings. It can give you a sense of where the field is headed in the state. If you want to visualize where IT jobs are distributed throughout the country, take a look at the State of IT Jobs map we've created.

9. Systems Administrator

More companies are relying on increasingly complex networks and systems, and systems administrators trained and certified in contemporary best practices can find jobs all over Minnesota. While more specialized jobs tend to locate centrally in the population hubs, sysadmins are one of the jobs needed in almost every city and county throughout Minnesota.

No matter where you end up, your job prospects become much better if you hold the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), or the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). As a systems administrator, you can find work in the Twin Cities and suburbs. Lower population areas like Moorhead, Forest Lake and Hutchinson are worth checking out, too.

8. Software Developer

Like systems administrators, if you're a generalist in software development, there's work for you in most places in Minnesota. The highest density of jobs for software developers are in the population centers, but companies in cities as far north as Brainerd and Two Harbors are often looking for software developers.

The ability to write programs that accomplish business objectives is a thing any company can benefit from, and enough Minnesotan companies are hiring software developers to make it the No. 8 IT job in the state.

7. Technical Support Specialist

Generally speaking, it takes a company of considerable size to support several technical support specialists. So, what this means for you if you're looking for a tech support position in Minnesota is that most of your job opportunities are in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area or in Rochester. But in those areas, plenty of companies need tech support positions filled.

In the Twin Cities area alone, companies like Medtronic, Wells Fargo, Cargill, Medica and UnitedHealth are regularly looking for and hiring IT professionals. You can make yourself even more attractive to them by earning the CompTIA A+ certification, which validates your excellence in general troubleshooting and maintenance of OSs and mobile devices.

6. Business Systems Analyst

Business systems analysts are the sixth most common IT job in Minnesota because of the incredible value these IT professionals bring to their company. If you're skilled in diagnosing system issues and writing specifications for hardware, software and network usage, you'll find work in most cities throughout Minnesota, but – again – the most opportunities are in the Twin Cities' suburbs — like Eden Prairie, Minnetonka and Hopkins.

5. Data Analyst

Data analysts are in high demand in Minnesota, coming in at #5 on our list of IT jobs in the state. The state of Minnesota has many companies heavily invested in agribusiness and heavy industry whose products get shipped all over the globe. For Minnesota's many large companies, the ability to extract meaning from enormous amounts of data is extremely valuable.

If you're a data analyst looking for work in the Twin Cities, you're in luck – a huge percentage of data analyst jobs are in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. But unfortunately for those looking to get away from the southern part of the state, the smallest cities with jobs that would be suitable for a data analyst are still Twin Cities suburbs like Zumbrota, Owatonna, Waconia or Sartell.

4. Business Analyst

If you're a business analyst looking for work in Minnesota, there are many, many opportunities all over the state. In Minneapolis, there are companies like Arrowhead Engineering, Wells Fargo and UnitedHealth. In Rochester, Mayo Clinic, IBM and ConvergeOne need IT professionals. And If you're further north and prefer smaller cities, in Two Harbors, companies like LP Building and Frontier Communications are regularly hiring.

3. Network Engineer

Network engineers are highly valued in most states, and Minnesota is no exception. If you're a network engineer and you hold a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) or your Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification, there are companies looking to hire you in all the state's major cities.

A trained certified network engineer should have no problem finding work in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Rochester and St Cloud. But if you're trying to get away from cities, be prepared: suburbs like Lindstrom and Shafer are about as far away as you'll get from metropolitan areas.

2. Software Engineer

Of all the IT jobs in the state of Minnesota, software engineers are No. 2. Throughout the state, trained and certified software engineers are in extremely high demand. While Minnesota has some opportunities for highly specialized IT work outside of the major cities, there isn't much.

Like most jobs topping this list, most of the jobs are in the major cities. That said, there are still some opportunities in small cities like Sabin in the north of the state.

1. Systems Engineer

In the state of Minnesota, the job most in demand for employers is also one that needs some of the most training and certifications: systems engineering. A Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) or Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is often a prerequisite for these jobs, and generally speaking these jobs are only available in the largest cities.

The huge majority of systems engineers jobs in Minnesota are in Minneapolis and Saint Paul's suburbs like Eden Prairie, Inver Grove Heights and Burnsville, or a little further out in Shakopee. But you won't find much outside of those areas.

If visualizing where IT jobs are available throughout the country interests you, you should take a look at the interactive State of IT Jobs map that contributed to this piece.



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