This Week: Writing Better PowerShell
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This Week: Writing Better PowerShell

When it comes to task automation and configuration management, PowerShell shines. To get the most of the framework, though, you'll want to master some basic fundamentals of using PowerShell.

This week on the blog, we covered how to write better PowerShell scripts, use it with Linux, and how to secure your PS environment.

How to Secure Your PowerShell

Believe it or not, your PowerShell environment can be used for malicious intent if it falls into the wrong hands. Just like network or data security is paramount, it's important to secure your PowerShell scripts.

How to Write Better PowerShell Scripts

As you get more comfortable using PowerShell, you'll crank out code faster. But as your code gets more complex, you need to take more care. While speed is nice, sloppy code can cause major headaches down the road. Here are tips to churn out cleaner PowerShell scripts.

PowerShell & Linux: Using Them Together

Even five years ago, the idea of using PowerShell and Linux together was preposterous, as Microsoft was no fan of open source technologies. But the truth is Microsoft PowerShell and Linux can be quite the tandem. We show you how.



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