Simona’s Tech Tips: OneNote-Edition
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Simona's Tech Tips: OneNote-Edition

Microsoft OneNote is a pretty straightforward note-taking application. But that doesn't mean there aren't functionalities and shortcuts that can make it even more useful and easier to use. Try these tips from CBT Nuggets trainer Simona Millham. And if you want to explore OneNote further, check out Simona's Microsoft OneNote training at CBT Nuggets!

Microsoft OneNote Tech Tips

  • Do you have lots of OneNote sub-pages you'd like to collapse under its parent page? Hover the mouse toward the right of the parent page heading and you'll see a little arrow you can click.
  • Create a Custom Tag by going to the bottom of the list of tags, choose Customize Tag and then New Tag. Tag required items with your new tag and they'll appear in the Tags Summary, which you will see at the right-hand side of your screen when you click the Find Tags button
  • If you have complex OneNote notebooks with lots of tags, turn on the Tags Summary pane by clicking the Find Tags button. Then choose the Create Summary Page at the bottom of this pane. It will summarize all your tagged items on a new page — with each item linked back to the source.
  • Explore the Page Templates on the Insert tab. Many of them are just decorative, but some of them are pretty useful.

  • Add Grow/Shrink font size buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar. You can find the options in the Commands Not in the Ribbon category.
  • Did you know you can email notes to your OneNote notebook? Send an email to to set it up.

  • How do you change line spacing? It's hidden at the bottom of the Paragraph Alignment button. Rather annoyingly, it seems that you still can't change the default though.
  • If you find that OneNote objects make big jumps when you're dragging them around a notebook page, hold down your ALT key while you click and drag. You'll have much finer control. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Press ALT+SHIFT+D to insert the current date at any point in your notebook. Use ALT+SHIFT+F to insert the current date and time.

  • Press CTRL+1, CTRL+2, CTRL+3 and so to apply tags to text. You can control which tags are applied if you go to the Customize Tags dialog box at the end of your Tags list, and then use the arrows to change the order of your tags.
  • Press WINDOWS+SHIFT+S at any time to take a screen snip and put it straight into OneNote.

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