This Week: The Best of AWS Tools
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This Week: The Best of AWS Tools

Maybe you're interested in AWS Certified Security. Maybe you'd like to know more about what it takes to be an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Or maybe you just want to get your feet wet with some AWS entry-level training. Wherever you are in your AWS training, you'll like this week's blog posts on AWS tools.

AWS Lambda vs EC2: Which to Use and When

One of the main reasons AWS is highly regarded is the sheer number of services it provides. Here, we take a look at Lambda and EC2, two of its most popular ones.

Simple and Practical Uses for AWS and EC2 for Sysadmins

AWS can revolutionize the capabilities of our systems and their administration. Here are some ways to ease into AWS that deliver next-level results for a modest investment of your time.

Elastic Beanstalk  vs. S3: AWS Storage Options

AWS features a variety of storage tools and services. In this piece, we explore two of the most popular ones: S3 and EBS



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