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NuggetLOVIN' the Links

Our NuggetLOVE charity of the month is Relief Nursery, an organization that works to support families and prevent child abuse. One of their major events is an annual golf tournament. You may have noticed that we like golf at CBT Nuggets. So when we found out we could support Relief Nursery and hit the links, we were there!

Team CBT gets loose before play starts.

Five of our team members played in the tournament. As you can see, they take this game very seriously.

Our founder and CEO, Dan, entered a special "Bark Chip" contest before play began.

CBT Nuggets CEO, Dan, swings for the little sign on the left.

The goal of the contest was to hit a sign from 100 yards out — a sign that measured about 3′ by 3′.

Dan hit the sign — the first person of the day to claim this achievement, and one of only 3 people in the entire event to do so! There was a prize associated with his accomplishment, but Dan was mostly happy for the pride and glory he got from this feat of golfing skill.

He also had the pleasure of knowing that two CBT Nuggets employees witnessed this feat. Sean and Rachel decided they could best support the team, and Relief Nursery, by volunteering at the tournament. They helped run the Bark Chip event, and their presence no doubt helped lift Dan to Bark Chip glory.

Sean (left) of CBT Nuggets helps out at the "Bark Chip" event, along with a sponsor volunteer.



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