F5 Foray: Getting Details Straight
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F5 Foray: Getting Details Straight

Editor's Note: This is the seventh in a series of posts from CBT Nuggets trainer Scott Morris about his experiences learning and working with F5. 

The problem I'm running into now is that I find my grandiose ideas for demo labs are far more involved than I have the time or resources to set up! Moving through each Nugget set as I originally laid out for my F5 course, it seemed to represent a logical progression of information.

Looking at the details needed to run the demonstrations that I had in my head (everything looks better in my head!) was fairly daunting, as the demonstrations made perfect sense in a larger and complicated working environment. Again, in my mind, this stuff made perfect sense, and more closely represented the type of scenarios that I have worked on, or worked around in the past!

However, as reality was setting in… Things were different. The learning environment is not necessarily conducive to complicated. When starting out, we should concentrate on the basics and make sure that we have a sound understanding of each of the concepts along the way. Those concepts are the building blocks necessary for any complex arrangement, yet, if we don't understand them properly, then the more complex the puzzle, the more shaky the foundation is, and therefore the more likely we are to fail.

This was a fairly major thing for me. It may not seem nearly as exciting from the outside, but when you think about trying to build any project from the ground up, and start seeing the details pile up further and further, it can become overwhelming! But the most important thing is to not lose sight of why I am doing all this stuff! And that's for you, the learners! Well, OK, it's for me too because I love learning new things, but that's just secondary!

As the course has progressed, I am beginning to see things more as "moving around those building blocks," rather than the complicated things I experienced initially. On the bright side, though, that really leaves room for some future things. As it is, I'm adding Nuggets into the mix surrounding High Availability concepts and configuration, which were previously not listed as part of the course. So the idea is that we will have MOST of the important building blocks in place before moving forward.

The other thing I have started to do is to whiteboard (yup, a large one on the wall of my office, replete with my world-renowned graphical and drawing skills!) a more complicated setup. This complicated setup will end up lending itself to a real-world course add on, something that takes a large conceptual application and then breaks it down into the specific pieces needed to make the project a success. Visions are in my head at the moment, but it seems to be a cool way to go!

Now it's up to you all to help me determine if my ramblings are just that or if they really are ideas that would be valuable to your continued learning! Chime in with comments below!



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