Count down to launch: the NEW
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Count down to launch: the NEW

Set your alarm, load your confetti guns, chill the champagne…there's a new website launching at 10 a.m., PST this Thursday, July 28, 2011. "Excited" doesn't adequately describe how happy we are to deliver a better experience for our customers. CBT Nuggets v2.0 will be more intuitive, more efficient, and will have a significantly better video size and clarity. Here's some of the upgrades you see:

  1. Flash. Nugget video will now be delivered with Flash instead of silverlight– and play at an eye popping 800×600. (previously 640×480)
  2. Speed Control. Our new integrated speed control solution allows you to speed the action up to 3x faster! Not a speeder? Put on the brakes and slow it down to .5x for extra focus and attention.
  3. Brand new (super cool) video library and playlist interface. Now our whole website operates like a big beautiful video player.  That means you can be checking out the nuggets you want within seconds directly from our libraries. Paired with our new "integrated instant filtering," the nuggets you want and need can be at your fingertips in a mere keystroke.
  4. The first 5 minutes of every video are FREE.  We want you to take a look at our nuggets because we know you will love 'em. They really are the best way to learn IT… and we're confident you will think so too.  Feel free to share our FREE video nuggets on your facebook wall, twitter page or even e-mail to a friend. Sharing nuggets is fun! Of course, subscribers will have full access to every single video in our our entire library 24/7.
  5. Bookmarks. Create a bookmark within a video to save your place for later! (one of our favorite new features)!
  6. New Playlists. Recently viewed playlist and custom playlists you can create yourself– to personalize your Nuggets.
  7. Resolved firewall issues. Nuggets now roll to port 80 if flash streaming is not allowed through your firewall… which translates to easy access to our nuggets!

Get ready for the NEW now for a smooth transition. Just download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player prior to Thursday, July 28.

Want to be an insider? We invite you to beta test our new features and designs. We have already deployed new designs and features at before making them public.  Bookmark it and take a tour as we race to the launch date. Please send any comments you have to  Thank you for helping us make a better experience for everyone!

– Dan Charbonneau



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