Contest Winners!
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Contest Winners!

Crazy clients. Fried servers. Non-existent backups. When we asked for your IT horror stories, we weren't prepared for the amount of tKill you threw our way!

The top vote-getter and grand prize entry came from "Roadmeat," whose remarkable tale involved an actual explosion:

I was working in a global NOC at the time and one of our customers who's site was located in an industrial park had an outage. The customer couldn't see any reason for why the network failed so we sent techs out to the site to investigate. They found that the whole comms room for our customer's site was located in the basement of another building… that the management of the industrial park had just had demolished (by use of explosives) due to age.

That was a fun call to make… "Mr customer?" "Yes, I know your site is still down.. no, it won't be back up today." "Do you know where your comms room is located?" "Yea, did you hear that big boom down the road earlier today?"

They lost everything and had to treat it as a new install and rerun everything to the site.

You just can't make these things up.

Look for this story to be featured in an upcoming NuggetCast episode.

Congratulations also to the runners-up, Rolando Andres, Rahil Karedia, and Roman Aleksejev.

There were so many good stories, we had to award a few special prizes:

Scariest: animated952

Longest: Roger G.

Weirdest: Kenny Blewett

Best use of CBT Nuggets training: Anthony Kellar

You can read all of the amazing, frightening stories here.

All of our runners-up and special prize winners will be receiving some Nugget swag. Thanks to EVERYONE who entered!



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