CBT Nuggets Has Heart: NuggetLove
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CBT Nuggets Has Heart: NuggetLove

Every day, every team at CBT Nuggets is laser-focused on our promise to be a brand that our learners can trust. One big responsibility that we believe that we have, in line with that promise, is to give back to the world in powerful ways. 

NuggetLove, our global philanthropy program, partners with humanitarian nonprofits and social entrepreneurs around the world who provide life-changing programs centered on creating opportunities and conditions for communities to become self-sustaining and economically liberated. We consider this to be the "heart work" of CBT Nuggets.

NuggetLove is centered around two basic pillars: we believe that training is transformative and that individuals and corporations have a responsibility to do everything they can do to make the world a better place. We activate these pillars by providing six months of free access to our training platform to active duty U.S. military servicemen and servicewomen who are nearing separation and want to pursue a civilian career in IT. We also provide six months of free training to individuals affected by layoffs through partnerships with U.S.-based unemployment offices. 

Globally, nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs apply to be a part of our NuggetLove partnerships program, through which they receive professional training and consultation in fundraising, organizational design, leadership development, and impact optimization. We help organizations to be stronger leaders, communicators, and fundraisers.

Locally, we curate volunteering opportunities for our team members and support projects and programs through grants and event sponsorships. We also participate in mentorship and outreach programs with schools and communities local to our HQ offices. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, NuggetLove is working with our caterer, Flavors Catering, to donate meals to local youth and family service nonprofits.

NuggetLove is currently partnered with the following organizations:

  • Drop in the Bucket: An Uganda/South Sudan-based sanitation, education, and economic development nonprofit.
  • Saint Vincent de Paul of Lane County: A youth and family homelessness service provider. 
  • The Eugene Mission: A homelessness shelter and cutting-edge "life change" program facilitator
  • Womenspace: A domestic violence support organization
  • FreeCodeCamp.org: A U.S.-based organization that provides free training globally to anyone who wants to start a career as a software developer. 

These organizations receive in-kind support from NuggetLove staff, who are experts in the field of finance, fundraising, and impact optimization for global nonprofits. Together, we pioneer ways for these organizations to be financially strong, mission-directed, high impact, and "best in class." 

Through our training platform and NuggetLove, CBT Nuggets invests in empowerment, personal responsibility, and opportunities for continual personal growth. We believe in a better life for everyone, everywhere — and we are always looking for ways to help create a better world. Want to join us?



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