Albums that can Inspire You to Conquer
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Albums that can Inspire You to Conquer

You're grinding away on a big project at work. The homestretch is in sight, but you could use a little push. That's where popping on/in headphones and cranking up some tunes can make all the difference.

We recently reached out to our Facebook community, as well as CBT team members, about their favorite albums to listen to while at work. It's no secret that IT pros are an eclectic bunch, so it's not surprising that we received a diverse group of answers:

"I go through phases, but the Black album by Metallica and Appetite for Destruction by Guns N' Roses are mainstays" – Clinton O.

"Deadmau5. Random Album Title. The pinnacle of progressive house, the album is pretty much one long song locked in at 128 bpm. (It) pulls you in and doesn't let you go." – Adam Z.

"Permanent Waves by RUSH" – Tom A.

"Been listening to Ratatat's new album Magnifique all day. I find it hard to concentrate with too many lyrics if you're really trying to get in the zone, so this is a good choice." – Ethan S.

"All 3y3z on me by 2Pac." – Denis O.

"Right now, I like to listen to "We Like It Here" by Snarky Puppy because it has a lot of cool grooves with no words to distract attention away from work. It's nice background noise but has enough depth to hear something new every time if you listen close." – Megan M.

"Moby's Play to chill and study." John M.

"Been listening to Blue Scholars and Kiiara." – Charu P.

"Pearl Jam's Ten!" – Shane F.

"Tycho's Awake album is a good one for me." – Ben B.

"Kanye's Graduation has all those driving beat and his message on this album is motivational" – Tyler T.

"I like Bach, anything by Johann Sebastian Bach. Listening to classical music and chewing gum is my recipe for concentration." – Slavka K.

"Notorious B.I.G – Life after death & Avenged Sevenfold – Self-titled" – Ryan S.

"Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons because it has a good mix of upbeat and slow songs." – Taylor P.

"I have been on a big Brother Dege kick. Its a good mix of upbeat/folky/southern rock." – Zach B.

As an added bonus, we put together a Spotify playlist so you can enjoy all these albums and songs. Who knows? You might just find your new "work" jam!



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