Coming Soon: Learner Management
Coming Soon: Learner Management
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Coming Soon: Learner Management

Keeping your team’s training efforts organized and focused is about to get easier. Are you ready to save time and help your team train more efficiently? 

As an admin, your to-do list seems to only grow. We get it, so much to do, so little time. Well, what if you could scratch some things off the list? Like assigning training to your teams. Or tracking who is training on what and when?  

We’re proud to announce our Learner Management feature, which helps you organize your team training down to the nitty-gritty details — from what training you want learners and teams to watch to who can act as group admins — will be rolling out soon. 

With Learner Management, you can:

  • Create Groups. Create groups by team, region, projects — whatever best fits your organization — to make it easier to assign playlists, track progress, and run reports. Here’s an example, you could create groups for your front-end team, your DevOps team, etc. By breaking learners into groups, it’s easier for you to determine who needs what training and then check on their progress. 
  • Designate Group Admins. You don’t have time to oversee hundreds, let alone thousands of learners’ training efforts. Choose learners to be group admins. They can handle the day-to-day tasks associated with team training such as adding new learners to groups, so you can focus on bigger picture tasks. 
  • Assign Training. Ensure your teams have the skills they need to be successful. Assign them specific training to help them get there. Does your IT team need to upskill in the cloud? Assign them AWS training. 

Ready to take your admin game to another level — and cross a few things off your to-do list? Get ready for the Learner Management feature.

For more information, or if you have questions, contact our Coaching Services Team at 



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