7 Most Popular IT Jobs in Missouri
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7 Most Popular IT Jobs in Missouri

If you're an IT professional looking for a job in Missouri, this list should help you narrow your search. We've trawled job postings, professional profiles and job descriptions all across the United States to help get a sense of where the IT jobs in America are — and Missouri has plenty. Our interactive map, the State of IT Jobs, can help you visualize the country's IT jobs, while this article will focus on Missouri's Top 7 IT jobs.

If you're looking for an IT job in Missouri, you should probably be prepared to live in one of its major cities, if you're not already. According to our numbers, 95% of Missouri's IT jobs are located in St Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, or their suburbs. There are a few contenders in the smaller cities of the state, for instance, if you want to live in one of the coolest-named cities in the state, Cape Girardeau has several jobs in the IT field, as do Jefferson City and Columbia; but you'll look harder in those places than in Missouri's metro areas.

By our count, there are over 750,000 jobs in Missouri related to the IT field. Now, some of those jobs are very entry level like technical support specialist, while others are tangentially connected — such as data analyst. But the state has plenty of IT jobs for dedicated jobseekers.

If you're looking to change career fields, or advance upward in your own, hopefully this list gives you a sense of what opportunities are in Missouri and where to find them.

7. Business Analyst

Missouri's economy is spread out across agriculture, heavy industry, mining and commerce, which is probably why business analyst comes in as the No.  7 IT-related job in Missouri. Normally, business analyst might not seem like a strictly IT-related occupation, but modern business analysis is much more than balancing accounts or reporting losses.

Contemporary businesses analysis is increasingly reliant on software-systems development and incorporating big data to choices about a business' best approach to success. A successful business analyst doesn't just have to know how to navigate and manipulate big data, but how to find, process, store, transmit and secure that data. Increasingly, business analyst positions aren't just supported by IT teams, they're made up of IT teams.

If you're a business analyst in Missouri, your best bet for employment is to look in St Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Independence. So many of the state's IT firms and jobs are located in these four cities that it's far and away the best place to look for work. Presidio, Mercy Health, Leidos, HCL America and SumnerOne are some of the biggest employers of IT professionals in those cities.

7. Military IT Professional

It may come as a surprise to learn that the sixth most common IT-related job in Missouri is a military IT professional, but Missouri has many military bases, the military is a huge employer, and one of their biggest needs is stable, secure networks. If you're an IT professional and you want to stay in Missouri, there are opportunities with the Missouri National Guard or Reserves that can keep you in the state.

The Armed Forces provide invaluable training and experience for free, as well as considerable education opportunities and benefits, up to and including four years of full-time college tuition completely paid for. Military IT professionals often leave the service with or prepared to get industry certifications that advance their careers. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate or the Cisco Certified Network Associate are building blocks that many military IT professionals combine with their experience on global networks to catch the best civilian IT jobs.

5. Software Engineer

The fifth-most common IT-related job in Missouri according to our data is software engineer. Software engineers are responsible for approaching a business' big problems and imagining what sort of software solutions would need to be developed to handle every aspect of the company's need. Software engineers spend time writing code and developing software, but much of their time is spent on bigger-picture planning and development of software infrastructure.

There are a number of certifications that one might get to secure one as a software engineer expert, the Oracle Certified Associate or Oracle Certified Professional family of certifications are one place to start. With those certs, a software engineer would be sure to find jobs in Saint Louis, Kansas City and Springfield.

If living and working outside of metropolitan areas is important to you, as a software engineer it might be a little tricky — as the huge majority of jobs in the field are in Missouri's three largest cities. If suburbs like Chesterfield, Lees Summit or O'Fallon appeal, there are quite a few opportunities there. But if a city as remote and small as Carl Junction or Gower are where your heart's set, there are still some jobs posted in those cities.

4. Systems Administrator

Systems Administrator sits near the top of the lists of top IT jobs of most states, and Missouri is no different. More and more companies are not only entering the digital age, but fully embracing what it means to have a digitized, interconnected office. IT professionals who understand even the most basic needs of diagnosing, troubleshooting and optimizing machines throughout an office will be in high demand throughout the entire state of Missouri.

It should be obvious by now where the best places to look in Missouri for jobs like systems administrators: Saint Louis, Kansas City and Springfield. Independence, Saint Charles and other suburbs have plenty of jobs in the field too, and for a job as ubiquitous as sysadmin, there are opportunities even in small cities like Fulton and Joplin.

4. Data Analyst

As we've previously covered, it's Missouri's diversified economy that puts data analyst so high on our list of top IT jobs in the state. More specialized than a business analyst, data analysts must understand how to transform and model data so that it's meaningful and helpful. There are tools, resources and analytic approaches to data analysis that require intense familiarity and training.

A family of certifications that can help an analyst transform huge amounts of data into meaningful insights are the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certs. Attaining these expert-level certifications is a lofty ambition, but holding any of them could be a key differentiator to prove your expertise in the digital data realm.

2. Network Engineer

Network engineers are in high demand throughout the country, and evidently Missouri is no different. As the No. 2 IT job in the state, network engineers have many job opportunities to explore and consider. Unfortunately, the location opportunities are drastically lower.

Generally, several Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certifications are a prerequisite for a network engineer position, and our data suggests that 40% of the state's jobs that list a CCIE are in St Louis and 40% are in Kansas City. After those, the next eight places in the top 10 are all suburbs of them.

1. Systems Engineer

An IT pro who can imagine and coordinate a business' entire digital life cycle, then execute that plan and lead its development is Missouri's top IT job. Despite nearly all the jobs for systems engineers falling in Saint Louis, Kansas City, Independence and Springfield, there are more opportunities for established and aspiring systems engineers in the state of Missouri than any other IT position, by our count.

There are many certifications that can help you on your way to becoming a vetted master of the field of systems engineering, some of them are the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE), or even the Certified Ethical Hacker.

IT jobs in Missouri abound, especially for those who are interested in – or willing to – living in the major metropolitan areas of the state. If you want a better look at not just Missouri, but all the IT jobs in the country, check out our interactive map, The State of IT Jobs.



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