35 Best Cities in Wisconsin for 11 Most Popular IT Jobs
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35 Best Cities in Wisconsin for 11 Most Popular IT Jobs

From billboards to license plates, Wisconsinites love reminding everyone that Wisconsin is "America's Dairyland." But the state is much, much more than milking cows and making cheese. Wisconsin supports a large number of IT-related jobs all over the state. Not just in the biggest cities Milwaukee and Madison, but mid-sized cities like Oshkosh and Sheboygan, and even small cities like Rhinelander.

You can take a closer look on the State of IT Jobs interactive map.

For those working in the IT field and living in Wisconsin, it can be hard to nail down exactly what IT jobs are available — and where to put your time and resources to improve your job prospects. So, we did that research for you. Here are the top 11 IT-related jobs in Wisconsin.

11. IT Project Manager

Coming in at No. 11 for IT jobs in Wisconsin, IT project managers are needed throughout the state. IT project managers are responsible for the entire life cycle of a software, network or hardware project; the job is generally most prevalent in companies with a large IT footprint.

The majority of IT project manager jobs will be in cities like Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, Brookfield and Waukesha — the Wisconsin cities with the highest population of IT jobs.

10.  Systems Administrator

Wisconsin companies of all sizes in nearly every city are looking for systems administrators. If you're trained in maintenance and upkeep of servers and multi-user systems, there are jobs all over the state for you.

System administration is a job that needs something of a critical mass of technology, and obviously Wisconsin's biggest cities have many sysadmin jobs. However, mid-size towns like Kenosha and Green Bay have plenty, too. Even cities as small as Little Chute, Brookfield and Oshkosh have job openings for trained systems administrators.

9.  Software Developer

If you're a software developer in Wisconsin, you have reason to celebrate: almost every city in the state needs good software developers. Whether you're interested in working remote or in a city office, a trained software developer won't have to look far to find a job.

Larger cities like Milwaukee and Madison will be able to support more dynamic opportunities, but Menasha and La Crosse also have strong populations of IT personnel and software developers. Even Marinette supports software developers.

8.  Network Administrator

Network administrators in Wisconsin provide their services to companies of many different sizes, and generally speaking the jobs are available in most cities around the state. While not every city has jobs in the field, even small cities like Sturgeon Bay and East Troy boast a small handful of network jobs.

Cities around the size of Waukesha, De Pere, even Waterloo all have jobs for network administrators who hold Cisco's Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification.

7. Systems Analyst

Jobs for systems analysts in Wisconsin are generally reserved for the most populous cities in the state. This probably isn't surprising: companies with the budget for a systems analyst will be on the larger side, and those gravitate toward larger population centers.

Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, Green Bay and Brookfield all have many jobs available for systems analysts that it's the No. 7 IT job in the state.

6.  Network Engineer

With network administrator at No. 8 in Wisconsin, it may not be surprising that network engineer is close on the list at No. 6. While network administrators maintain existing networks, network engineers design and develop new ones.

Also like network administrators, jobs for network engineers in Wisconsin are mostly found in the most populous cities. Milwaukee, Madison, Eau Claire, Appleton and Green Bay all have the most jobs that a network engineer with the CompTIA Network+ Certification would be eligible for.

5.  Software Engineer

Software engineers are among the most sought-after IT professionals in Wisconsin. Between research labs at UW Madison, the Foxconn groundbreaking and news of Wisconsin-based startups like Propeller Health being purchased for as much as $225 million, opportunities abound for highly trained and certified software engineers in Wisconsin.

Remote cities as small as Silver Lake have positions open for highly technically capable IT personnel – admittedly only a handful, but opportunity exists in even Wisconsin's smaller cities.

4.  Data Analyst

The top four IT-related jobs in Wisconsin all demonstrate the diversity of the state's economy. At No. 4 are data analysts. The entire state is a powerhouse in industry, manufacturing, research and high technology: all of which need analysts who are trained and certified in big data.

Data analysts in Wisconsin can find work in most bigger cities, but especially the largest — Milwaukee, Madison and their suburbs.

3.  Business Systems Analyst

In Wisconsin, being an expert in analyzing a business system and understanding how to manipulate and control the flow of data can lead to a great job. Business systems analysts are the third-highest IT-related job population in Wisconsin.

If you're a business systems analyst in Wisconsin, you should be prepared to live in the south of the state though. The vast majority of jobs will likely be found in Milwaukee, Madison and their surrounding suburbs like Elm Grove, Butler, and Saint Francis.

2.  Systems Engineer

The trend for Wisconsin's top IT jobs clearly seems to be that the state needs people capable of working across different fields. Companies in Wisconsin are seeking systems engineers because they're looking to expand their service offerings to clients and employees. However, they need engineers trained and certified in how to create those networks.

If you're a systems engineer looking for work, Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton, Brookfield and Waukesha top the list of cities with job listings for systems engineer positions.

1. IT Manager

IT manager tops the list of IT-related jobs in Wisconsin. In a way, this caps the trend of IT jobs in Wisconsin. Generalists capable of using their knowledge and certifications to take charge of a company's IT solutions are needed in all fields and industries in Wisconsin. Our research indicates that there is no ZIP code in Wisconsin with no IT jobs.

Ladysmith – a small city about halfway between Minneapolis and Green Bay – and Neillsville – about 35 miles southeast of Eau Claire – both have IT positions that need trained management. Wherever there are IT personnel, they need a manager to guide and direct them. That means that the No. 1 IT job in Wisconsin, IT manager, should be needed in every county in the state.

Explore the State of IT Jobs map, and download a free report for your zip code.



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