11 Most Popular IT Jobs in Pennsylvania — and Where to Find Them
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11 Most Popular IT Jobs in Pennsylvania — and Where to Find Them

With nearly 2,500,000 IT jobs all over the state of Pennsylvania, IT professionals looking for work there have their choice of where to live and work. A little over half of all the IT jobs in the state are in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. But there are hundreds of thousands of jobs in cities everywhere else in the state too – Harrisburg, Reading, Levittown and Erie are all great places for an IT professional to look for work in Pennsylvania.

We've compiled tons of data about jobs in the IT realm all over the United States and converted it into an interactive map. We're calling it State of IT Jobs, and if you're interested, you can use it to see what the distribution of IT jobs throughout the country looks like.

From all that data, which includes current job descriptions as well as job postings, we've come up with the 11 best IT jobs in Pennsylvania. Below, we've got information about where many of the jobs in IT are in Pennsylvania, as well as information about certifications that will make you more competitive for them.

11. Application Developer

Throughout Pennsylvania, application developers are the No. 11 IT-related job. Whether they're enabling companies to keep their sales representatives provided with up-to-the-second data about their clients, or geolocating vital components for a supply chain, application developers are in demand all over the state. Most IT jobs in the state are in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or their suburbs like Elkins Park or Mckeesport, and that would be a good place to start looking for work as an application developer.

Something an application developer can do to make themselves more competitive in Pennsylvania is consider industry certifications like the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): Java ME Mobile Application Developer.

10. Senior Network Engineer

If you're a network engineer with experience leading teams and projects, you find yourself in the No. 10 IT job in Pennsylvania. Network engineers who've earned their Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) tend to rise to the top of their field as senior network engineers.

In Pennsylvania, companies who deploy networks complex enough to support senior network engineers are generally in the bigger metros like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Reading. But even cities like Chambersburg and Allentown — those a bit out of the way and quite a bit smaller — have positions for senior network engineers.

9. Project Manager

Project managers are a necessary component of any business enterprise. In the IT field they're often responsible for planning, coordinating and executing upgrades, improvements, purchases or product deliveries.

If you're a project manager in the IT field, the CompTIA Project+ certification can help to both familiarize you with some of the technology world's particularities as well as set you up as an expert in the field.

8. Business Systems Analyst

Coming in as the No. 8 IT job in Pennsylvania, a business systems analyst is responsible for undertaking network audits, server load analysis and much more to determine the best approach to efficiency and profit for a company.

Pennsylvania's businesses are highly digitized and interconnected, so opportunities for business systems analysts exist throughout Pennsylvania, but notably in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. Suburbs of Philadelphia like Norristown, Villanova and Gladwyne also have many companies that have positions for business systems analysts.

7. Network Administrator

Network administrators are one of the most common and ubiquitous IT jobs in the industry. Small surprise, then, that it comes in at No. 7 on our list of best IT jobs in Pennsylvania. If you're a network administrator and you have your Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certificate, just about every city in the state is open to you.

When listing all the cities where the 45,000+ jobs and postings that mention MCSA can be found, the top 20 cities barely have 60% of all of them. In other words, the need for network administrators is pretty well spread out throughout Pennsylvania.

6. Systems Administrator

If you're a systems administrator in Pennsylvania, you've got options and opportunities throughout the country, not just the state. Sysadmins are regularly on the list of top IT jobs, and Pennsylvania is no different.

If you're new to the field, there are certifications that will help familiarize you with the basics of the job, like CompTIA Fundamentals+, or if you're more experienced and want a cert that's got more meat to it, CompTIA A+ is a solid start.

If you're looking for systems administrator jobs in Pennsylvania, you've got a lot of places to try out – but starting in the major cities would be a good start. Mechanicsburg, Elkins Park and Reading all have thousands of jobs that a systems administrator may be eligible for, and even smaller cities like Erie and Easton have several hundred between them as well.

5. Business Analyst

Pennsylvania's economy supports many different industries, and companies throughout the state are invested across many of those industries. Business analyst is our No. 5 IT job in Pennsylvania because of how many opportunities there are for trained IT professionals to live in those places where industries collide.

Analysts who can diagnose Kills, identify opportunities and suggest courses of action for Pennsylvania's many companies are in high demand, particularly in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

4. Systems Engineer

For most companies in Pennsylvania, their technological need is quite a bit more than just buying enough computers with Windows pre-installed. Many companies need systems engineers who understand what a business needs to accomplish, who in the company does that work, what technology they'll need to do it, and how to implement that entire solution.

Many certifications can help a systems engineer to do their job, and Certified Ethical Hacker is a fairly common one. Understanding infiltration methods and digital weaknesses can help a systems engineer develop a rock-solid system for a company. And systems engineers with those skills are in demand from cities as big as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, to smaller cities, like Bethlehem or Lancaster.

3. Software Engineer

Software engineer is our No. 3 IT job in Pennsylvania, and their abilities are in demand in cities all over the state. The best bet for most software engineers looking for work in Pennsylvania will be to target the biggest cities, where companies of the likes of TekSynap, RLM Communications and McKean/Cabrillo Technologies hire IT professionals by the hundreds.

2. Network Engineer

Many Pennsylvania companies are reliant on high-speed, interconnected data networks, which is probably why network engineer is second on our list of top IT jobs in Pennsylvania. A network engineer who can plan and build a network to carry the unique inputs for a given business will find it very easy to find work in cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading, Norristown and Levittown.

Those five cities top the charts for where jobs that call for a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification can be found. The CCIE family of certifications, particularly CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Security, and CCIE Wireless are all indicators of excellence in a network engineer. Jobs that call for a CCIE extend far beyond Pennsylvania's biggest cities and their suburbs though – even Scranton or Lancaster have several dozen positions that need one.

1. Data Analyst

According to our data, data analyst is the No. 1 IT job in Pennsylvania. All over the state, companies need people trained not only to understand huge amounts of data, but in writing code that automates the retrieval and processing of that data. Data analysts will have no problem finding positions all across the state, but the best luck will be in the metropolitan hubs: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

The data we collected on IT jobs throughout the country include current positions as well as job listings and posted job offers. We filtered and sorted it based on certifications that some of those jobs need, and we put it all into a large interactive map, called State of IT Jobs. Check it out to visualize where IT jobs are located, not only in Pennsylvania but throughout the country.



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