This Week: The Hard NOC Life
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This Week: The Hard NOC Life

On the blog this week, we covered why professionals with programming skills benefit IT departments and how being able to use basic utilities in big ways can boost your career. 

Life as a NOC Technician: What to Expect in Your Role

As of this writing, lists over 800 jobs for NOC Technicians and over 900 for NOC Engineers. Just what is a NOC — and what is it like to work as a NOC Technician?

Programming for NOC: Building Utilities for Career Progression

A little programming can turn a reactive NOC into a proactive NOC, while serving as a strong bullet point for your next promotion.

Moving Up in the NOC: Technician to Engineer

While some NOC Techs find total satisfaction where they are, some will feel the urge to progress their career. If moving up is your goal, here are some surefire ways to get noticed.



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