This Week: Is DevOps Eating IT?
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This Week: Is DevOps Eating IT?

More organizations are adopting a DevOps approach to improve collaboration and efficiency. No longer a buzzword, DevOps is out of the shadows and having a major impact on IT infrastructure. This week, we looked at why DevOps is so popular and how you transition into this growing field.

Top 8 Certs to Begin a Career in DevOps

You've got to start somewhere. Fortunately, there's no shortage of IT certifications that can help you transition to a DevOps role. We explored eight such certs that can set you up for success in the DevOps field.

Why DevOps' Popularity Is Soaring

Increased speed, tougher security, and improved monitoring. Those are just of host of reasons, DevOps is gaining more traction. Here's a look at the impact DevOps can have on organizations.

What Programming Skills Do You Need for DevOps

If you really want to thrive in a DevOps environment, you should add some programming skills (or upskill) to your skill set. However, some skills are better than others. Here are our recommendations for the best DevOps programming skills.



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