This Week: Data Centers of the Future
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This Week: Data Centers of the Future

Data centers are either dying or thriving depending on whom you ask. As data centers consolidate, IT pros still in the field increasingly need to learn software rather than hardware.

This week, we took a look at whether Cisco DNA makes sense, how much data center techs get paid, and ways to spread out your data center skills (just in case).

How does Cisco ACI compare to Cisco DNA?
In 2017, Cisco introduced updates to the software-defined networking products, moving to new product lines touted as an IBNS product. Branded as a "self-driving" network, we're taking a look at whether Cisco realized that vision yet — and whether its worth an upgrade.

13 Honest Data Center Technician Salaries in 2018
Data center technicians on average make $48,000 to $50,000 per year. In some cases, data center positions pay higher — even when considering geography. Here are 13 (honest) salaries for data center technicians in the United States.

7 Best Certifications to Pair with Cisco CCNA Data Center
On-premises data centers are either dying or scaling back. With the uncertainty swirling, it's better to spread your skills out. As software takes over hardware in the data center, it's a good idea to pair your data center skills with these certifications.

New Course: Cisco CCNA Data Center
CBT Nuggets trainers Jeremy Cioara and Anthony Sequeira are teaming up to produce training for the Cisco CCNA Data Center, which comprises two exams. The first exam, 200-155 DCICN, tests necessary networking skills. The second exam, 200-155 DCICT, validates data center-specific knowledge. Anthony's course covers the material in the second of the two exams.



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