5 Technologies That Can Make Your Team More Efficient
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5 Technologies That Can Make Your Team More Efficient

Explore these five super-power technologies that can boost your team's performance without sacrificing time, manpower, or your IT budget.

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Looking for ways to boost your IT team's performance that aren't time-consuming or expensive? There are plenty of cost-effective technologies that can help small IT teams perform big tasks! Here are five technologies that can help make your IT team more efficient — and an asset to your organization.

Cloud — Cloud-based services enable IT pros to perform a wide variety of tasks from storing data to building applications. The vendors, which include Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, will do the heavy lifting for you, freeing up more time for your team. So, cloud tech can offer your team a lot of bang for its buck. Check out all of our cloud training.

ITIL® — Wouldn't it be nice if your team had a trusted source when it comes to best practices and standards for delivering high quality IT services, quickly and successfully? Enter the ITIL® framework. Your team can use ITIL® best practices to implement and execute strategies confidently.

Linux  If you don't have the budget for big-name servers, operating systems, network switches, etc., Linux offers a lot of solutions for free. Who doesn't like that price? Because Linux is open source, it's highly customizable and can be integrated into nearly any environment. As a result, Linux is found in many server rooms today. Browse our entire Linux training library.

Security Protecting data for your organization and customers might be your team's most important task. It's paramount that your team members keep up to date on the latest IT security tools and best practices. Being able to anticipate attacks and implement prevention measures is crucial. Get your team up to speed with our IT security training.

Virtualization Virtualization can allow your IT team to shift its focus from managing server boxes to improving services. This technology can help you save money, energy, and time — while reducing time spent on desktop management. See our virtualization courses.




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