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This Week: The IT Job Hunt

Job hopping is pretty commonplace in the IT industry. That said, you still need to be smart about looking for a new job. Especially if you currently have one!

This week on the blog we explored how to be discreet about job searching, how to choose the right job offer, and set the record straight about job hopping in IT.

How to (Secretly) Find a New IT Job

The ambition to grow your career is something to be proud of. Go for it. Be fruitful. But also exercise a little caution while you make your next move. Here’s how to keep your job hunt on the down low.

How to Decide Which Job Offer to Accept

If you done your job hunt right, you’ll likely be juggling multiple job offers. The downside is not having nearly enough time to make a potentially life-altering decision. We put together a primer to help make the process of choosing the right job easier.

There’s No Problem with Job Hopping in IT

The days of staying at one job for 20+, even 10+ years, are long gone — especially in IT. Worried HR managers might look down at your job-hopping? Let us put your worries to rest with a look at why there’s no shame in changing up jobs every few years.


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