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This Week: Why PMP is Worth Earning

Project management and IT are pretty much attached at the hip these days. Earning PM certification isn’t a bad idea. This week on the blog, we took a look at the PMP, one of the most in-demand project management certifications on the market.

We compared PMP to another popular PM cert, explored how difficult the PMP exam really is, and made the case that IT pros are de facto project managers already.

CAPM or PMP: Which is Better?

The CAPM and PMP are two of the PMI’s marquee certifications. So, which one should you pursue? The decision rests on more than just your project management experience. Here’s how you can decide which certification is the best fit for you.

Is the PMP a Tough Cert?

Project management may appear to be pretty straight forward and common sense. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that earning project management certification is easy. We took a look at just how difficult the PMP certification is to earn.

Every IT Pro is Already a Project Manager

Do you do a lot of planning, scheduling, and budgeting on a daily basis? Well, so do project managers. Why not consider getting certified as a PM? We make the case for why IT pros are well positioned to transition into project management roles.


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