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This Week: Under-the-Radar Certs

Not all certifications are created equal. Thus, some make more sense for you to earn than others. With all the certification options out there, though, think about how many you might be overlooking?

This week on the blog, we looked at some certs that fly under the radar and whether they’re worth the time and effort, and also pondered which certs could stand the test of time.

5 Best IT Certifications for 2024 and Beyond

We all know that tech is always evolving — usually at a fast and furious pace. As a result, IT certifications come and go. That said, we believe some certs will continue to hold their value well into the future. Here’s five such certifications that will always be worth having.

Microsoft Office Certifications — Are they Worth It?

Did you know that Microsoft offers three levels of Office certifications? At first glance, that might seem like overkill. After all, Office is considered a baseline technical competency for most office jobs. We explore why Office certification could be a smart play for you.

Are Python Certifications Worth It?

Python is arguably the most popular programming language right now. Even data scientists love using this straightforward, but powerful language. So, certifying in Python seems like a no-brainer, right? First, here’s what you should know about Python certification.


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