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This Week: P@$$W0RD5

Our password creation and retention strategies evolved. So have the methods of cybercriminals. That’s why this week on the blog, we put you through a password boot camp.

We discussed “random” things that just about everyone does with their passwords, debated the value of password managers, and explained what happens when you’re pwned.

4 Things Everyone Does Wrong with Passwords

A new online account is prompting you to create a secure password that meets X, Y, and Z requirements. Sounds easy enough, right? We point out some traditional password creation conventions that you might want to avoid.

6 Pros and Cons of Password Managers

If you know anything about creating strong passwords, you also know they’re tough to remember. Password managers are coming into the light — but is it their time to shine?

Why You Shouldn’t Panic When You’ve Been Pwned

When a password breach occurs, it can be rather distressing. But you shouldn’t panic. Implement these measures and you can rest easy next time a new batch of your creds show up on Have I Been Pwned.


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