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This Week: Grave Mistakes in IT

Mistakes are a part of life in IT. You can script some error-prone elements into automated oblivion. For everything else, you learn from them. You grow. You move on. This week on the CBT Nuggets blog, we pointed out some of the biggest mistakes you could be making — without even realizing it.

We covered technologies you might be mismanaging, errors that slow down your network, and why becoming indispensable has its pitfalls.

4 Things in IT You’re Probably Mismanaging

Working in IT means juggling a lot of different technologies, processes, and end users. It’s understandable for things to get lost among the shuffle. Here are four things you’re likely mismanaging — and what you can do to get a better handle on them.

5 Errors That Will Slow Down Your Network

Internet speed is the most forward-facing utility that you provide, so you better get it right. If your network runs slow, you’re never going to hear the end of it.

Why You Shouldn’t Become Indispensable in IT

It’s easy to feel indispensable in IT, and that’s actually not a good thing. It means that you’re shouldering more responsibility than you should, and it may be hurting your career.


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