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This Week: IT Wars

This week, we’re comparing clouds, determining whether Ubiquiti can replace Cisco, and looking at the CCDE and the CCAr.

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google: Cloud Wars 2019

There’s still a battle among the top three cloud providers. Amazon remains the leader, but Microsoft is right on its heels. Google might have fallen behind, but it’s not out of the race. Each cloud has benefits for different types of users.

Could Ubiquiti Replace Cisco?

Cisco isn’t always better by default. When it comes to professional-grade wireless hardware, there are a handful of top players, including Ubiquiti, Aerohive, and Aruba. Here’s why Ubiquiti can be a replacement for Cisco.

What’s the Point of the CCAr?

The Cisco Certified Architect certification. There has never been another certification that commands such reverence — and controversy. For mere mortals, the CCAr is perhaps out of reach. Luckily, in the IT career field — it’s possible to attain the status of network design god.


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