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This Week: Getting to Basics of PowerShell

As far as scripting tools go, PowerShell is as big as they come. Knowing PowerShell can help IT professionals get the most out of Microsoft Azure and Office 365, two popular enterprise platforms.

This week on the blog, we took a look at certifications that you need to know PowerShell to pass, explained how to execute a PowerShell script, and shared answers to commonly asked questions by PowerShell newbies. Are you ready to add PowerShell to your skill set?

5 Microsoft Certs That Absolutely Require PowerShell
PowerShell is a great tool to have under your belt. In fact, knowing PowerShell can help you when it comes to earning Microsoft certifications. We took a look at several such certifications.

PowerShell 101: How to Run a Powershell Script
PowerShell is a tool that can take a lot of mundane tasks off your hands. Good news — once you learn how to use it, PowerShell is easy to use. We show you by explaining how to run a script in PowerShell.

10 Most Common PowerShell Questions for Beginners
Getting comfortable with PowerShell takes time. With that in mind, we scoured the interwebs for the most asked questions about PowerShell. We then answered them to take the guesswork off your hands.


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