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This Week: Cert Basics

We often get deep into the reasons why every IT professional should earn certifications. It’s just as important to know fundamental information about exams, including how much they cost, how long before they expire, and how long it should take to pass one.

How Much do IT Certifications Cost?
From the $100 AWS Foundations to the $15,000 Cisco CCar, IT certifications vary greatly in price. There are some consistencies. Entry-level certifications are typically less expensive than expert-level ones. Find out how much it’ll cost to earn your next cert.

How Long do IT Certifications Last?
There have been some big changes to IT certifications recently. Microsoft and VMware certs are now good for life, though most certifications still expire. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how long IT certifications are valid — and what you can do to remain current.

How Long does it Take to Earn an IT Certification?
CBT Nuggets Accountability Coaches have helped thousands of IT professionals prepare for certification exams. They tell learners that three months is enough time to study for most exams. However, there are outliers.


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