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This Week: The Wonderful World of Data

The world we live in is in data overdrive. The International Data Corporation (IDC) projects that the global datasphere (now 33 ZB) will increase to 175 ZB by 2025. Yes, that is ZB for Zettabyte, one of which is the equivalent of a trillion gigabytes.

This week on the blog we showcased the wonderful world of data. We asked who’s responsible for keeping data clean and whether self-service BI is the way of the future.

Can BI Services Replace BI Pros?
The field of business intelligence is growing and roles are shifting within the realm. It’s getting to a point where nearly anyone can take work with data. What does that mean for folks who actually specialize in BI?

Who’s Responsible for Quality Data?
We love us some quality data that provides some actionable results. What we don’t enjoy is worrying about who’s responsible for making sure data is clean. Does this task rely on a specific person with a defined role? Or should it be everyone’s job?


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