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New Course: IT Expert: Switching VLAN Design and Implementation

Jeremy’s done it again! He’s wrapped up his latest IT Expert course. This time, he’s walking learners through switching VLANs. More specifically, you’ll get a real-world look at how to design and implement VLANs.

IT Expert: Switching VLAN Design and Implementation is the latest course in Jeremy’s IT Expert series. In this series, Cioara diverges from the typical CBT Nuggets certification training. Instead, he takes CBT Nuggets learners into actual job sites and demonstrates how to build network infrastructure. Or he talks about relevant topics for IT professionals at all career levels.

Topics this course covers include:

  • Analyzing the business to determine the VLANs needed
  • Designing a scalable, enterprise IP addressing and subnetting scheme
  • The VLAN documentation you should create
  • Planning and communication surrounding a network change (outage notifications)

What this course includes:

  • 19 videos
  • In-video quiz questions

Watch a video from Jeremy’s course:

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About the trainer: Jeremy has been involved in training and consulting for more than a decade, covering Cisco, Microsoft, Novell, and AWS technology. He has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2003. Jeremy currently runs two IT-related organizations, writes technical books, and is a sought-after speaker.

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