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This Week: Learning Oracle

Specializing in Oracle databases can be a lucrative career move for entry-level and mid-career IT pros alike. That’s why this week we talked about the best foundational skills and certifications for aspiring Oracle pros.

Is Oracle Easy to Learn?
Oracle is the sweetheart of big corporations and government agencies, which should tell you something. But at heart, it’s like any other relational database operating on SQL. Oracle isn’t necessarily harder to learn than Microsoft Server — it’s just different.

6 Ways SQL Server and Oracle Are Way Different
Both databases are, well, databases. Microsoft and Oracle database administrators use a flavor of SQL. But there are a few big differences between the two, including the type of work environments where you’ll usually find each database.

Choosing the Right Associate Oracle Certification: 11g or 12c
Some people say the 12c is better. Others claim that 11g is the way to go. Here’s how to determine which cert to take. Let’s first take a look at the technologies and skills these certifications support.


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