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This Week: Security-Styled Superlatives

As hackers evolve, technology responds, and the demand for more security professionals grows. It’s clear that information security is the cream of the crop when it comes to IT jobs.

We covered the easiest InfoSec certs you can tackle, the real salaries for cybersecurity engineers in the U.S., and ways that an IT security job is just like what you see at the movies this week on the blog.

6 Easiest InfoSec Certifications
A career in InfoSec is as lucrative as ever, but to get started building experience, you need to validate your skills. Here are six of the easiest InfoSec certifications that can prove your mettle — and get your foot in the door.

13 Honest Cybersecurity Engineer Salaries
This isn’t your mom’s national salary averages. We take a look at some more realistic salaries for one of the hottest IT security jobs in the game — and present it all in a handy little chart for you.

5 Ways Working IT Security is Just Like The Movies
Sit back in your recliner and grab the popcorn! When you think of cybersecurity in movies, you might think of the super cool hacker committing glamorous atrocities. But the good guys also deserve their moment in the sun.


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