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This Week: Tackling Virtualization Head-on

Virtualizing is trendy — we’re all aware. It also makes our working lives way easier. You’ve got to know what you’re doing to maximize this efficiency, though.

This week on the blog, we put two top virtualization vendors head to head, and warned you about things that might not be worth virtualizing — yet.

How Citrix Has Gained on VMware
VMware has long held their ground as the head honcho when it comes to virtualization products. But Citrix is stepping up — and now even reigns supreme in some virtualization specs.

Why VMware Will Remain a Virtualization Titan
If you know anything about virtualization, you know VMware. It holds the highest market share in the industry — for good reason. Even with growing competition, we don’t think they’ll lose their stronghold. Here’s why.

6 Things You Shouldn’t Virtualize
Virtualization definitely has its benefits: Cost savings, minimized use of resources, and improved administration. Just to name a few. Though you may want to haphazardly apply virtualization to your entire infrastructure, there are instances where virtualization isn’t the best solution.


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