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New Course: AWS Security: Compliance and Governance

There are key tools and practices that aid you in creating, maintaining, and protecting valuable data stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In Bart Castle’s latest course, learn what you need to know about IT governance, risk management, and compliance if your organization is transitioning to using the cloud computing services of AWS.

The 42-video module gives you an understanding of the tools used to prepare for and conduct compliance audits and controls assessments for AWS-based workloads.

Learn about the following topics in this course:

  • Essential cost control
  • Cost management
  • Reporting tools

Included in this course are:

  • 42 videos
  • In-video quiz questions
  • Hands-on demos

Watch one of the videos in Bart’s course.

Learn more about compliance, governance, and AWS through the following CBT Nuggets blog posts:

Bart Castle is a cloud solutions architect with 15 years experience as an IT professional. Castle has distinguished himself as an AWS Authorized Instructor Champion having earned all the baseline AWS certifications. He is also an AWS security expert and holds every Cloud Credential Council certification.

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