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This Week: Data Analysis with pandas

Pandas has a ton of versatility, if you know how to wrangle it. If you ever wanted to explore a career path related to data science, pandas is essential.

This week we discussed why pandas is better than Excel, the multiple types of data files you can import into pandas, and how to use Matplotlib — an add-on program that helps to visualize data on pandas.

Why pandas is a Better Data Analysis Tool Than Excel
Many data analysts are switching to using pandas instead of Microsoft Excel. Although Excel is initially easier to use, pandas will speed up your data analysis and calculations.

14 File Types You Can Import Into pandas
Different companies use various file types to store and share their data. It‘s important to jump between those sets and not have to convert all your files before analyzing.

5 Ways To Use Matplotlib For All Your Data Visualization Needs
Matplotlib is a free extension that downloads when you install pandas. You can use it for data visualization and making graphs from data sets. Here are five ways you can start using Matplotlib to take on data visualization.


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