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This Week: Preparing for Your Next Exam

Preparing for an IT certification can be incredibly stressful. On the line is money, advancement, and the satisfaction of passing your exam — perhaps all three. It’s often hard to know how long to study when you’re ready, or if you’re even making the right decision to take the exam. We’ve cleared up a few of those lingering questions this week on the blog.

How Long Should You Study for Your Next IT Cert?
Most IT pros start with an exam date and work backward on their calendars to create study plans. But, everyone prepares a little differently. Here’s how long it should take to prepare for (and pass) six popular IT certifications.

How to Know You’re Ready for Your IT Certification Exam
Some IT pros breeze through certification without breaking a sweat. Some people never feel ready. Feeling prepared is one thing. Being prepared is another thing entirely. Here are a few ways to know that you’re ready for your IT certification exam.

Is the CCIE Still Worth It?
This question has been swirling for years with no clear answer. CCIE commands a higher salary, but so do many certs. For prestige, nothing compares. Whether CCIE is worth it or not comes down to whether it’s worth it to you. It’s an individual decision you’ll have to make before devoting time and money to the certification.



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