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This Week: Looking at VMware’s Latest Power Moves

VMworld was this week, so we dedicated the CBT Nuggets blog to all things VMware and virtualization. We explored why you might want to hold off on upgrading to vSphere 6.7, why we think VMware’s partnership with AWS will succeed, and how to best integrate virtual machines and containers. Best of all, we’ve got all the links in one place.

Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade to vSphere 6.7 Just Yet
VMware announced the latest version of vSphere in April. At first, it might be tempting to rush and upgrade to 6.7. But you might be better putting it off for a while, at least. We took a look at why.

Why VMware Cloud on AWS will Pay off for VMware
Two years ago, VMware and AWS announced they were teaming up. It was a big move considering the two were rivals. While there’s still skepticism, we argue the partnership will be a success.

Virtual Machines & Containers: IT’s Next Power Couple?
The debate used to be which is better: virtual machines, or containers? However, more organizations are using a combination of both to meet business needs. The better question is how VMs and containers can best work together.


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