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This Week: Keeping Your Tech Current

With all the technology out there, you’ve got to keep current. It’s the trendy and smart thing to do. This week on the blog, we help make your organization, your non-technical employees, and your IT vernacular as tech-savvy as possible.

How Not to Solve Every Business Problem With More Technology
It’s tempting to bring in a shiny new technological solution to solve business problems. But you should take a closer look at the resources you already have. Here’s what you should ask yourself before changing things up.  

3 Tech Certifications Every Non-Technical Person Should Have
With how reliant every organization is on technology today, there really is a cert for everyone. Here’s a look at three tech certifications that can benefit everyone, from the receptionist to the CEO.

7 Terms That Everyone Not in IT Gets Wrong
IT isn’t a water cooler topic in most workplaces. But that doesn’t mean you should leave other teams in the dark. In fact, there’s IT lingo that everyone would be better served having a basic understanding of. Your IT team will thank you.


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