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New Course: Object-Oriented Programming with Python

Ben Finkel, our in-house programming expert, released the first course in his Python series, Object-Oriented Programming with Python. The series is designed to introduce learners to Python, one of the fastest growing major programming languages.

Python is a language worth learning. It’s simple to learn compared to other languages, uses a robust ecosystem of powerful libraries, and is widely used in industry.

In this 9-video, intermediate-level course, Ben teaches learners how to write Python code that’s maintainable, debuggable, legible — and works.  

Topics this course covers include:

  • Object classes, states, and variables
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance

Included in this course are:

  • 9 videos
  • In-video quiz questions
  • Virtual lab: Object-oriented programming

Watch one of the videos in Ben’s course here.

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Ben Finkel has worked in software development since 1996. Before joining CBT Nuggets in 2014, he was a software engineer in the banking industry. He is a Google Certified Trainer. His areas of expertise include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and various programming frameworks.

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