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This Week: SQL Server is Simpler Than Ever

Yes, we know, SQL Server is intimidating. But Microsoft is both providing new functionalities to those ready to start programming — and is extending support to older versions of SQL Server.

To champion the release of SQL Server 2017, we discussed the ease of working with SQL this week on the CBT Nuggets blog.

Microsoft Now Runs SQL Server for Linux, But Should You Use It?
Pushing SQL Server to run on Linux in 2016 came as a shock to most database pros. Now that the product has been through a couple iterations, it’s time to evaluate its efficiency.

Why You Should Learn T-SQL Before Plain SQL
Learning standard SQL syntax is a good starting point as it’s universal to all databases. But Transact SQL takes on the shortcomings of SQL by adding concepts akin to full procedural languages. Learning T-SQL first can prepare you for anything.

Learning SQL is Easier Than You Think
Entry-level DBA work is extremely rare to find. But you can apply SQL skills without a fancy job title. Discover the creative ways you can learn SQL that can boost your career prospects.


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