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This Week: Inside Effective Learning

Learning IT is not easy, especially if you’re brand new to the industry. Sometimes, half the battle is buckling down and studying. Or maybe it’s a matter of perspective, where the process is more beneficial than the outcome. This week on the CBT Nuggets blog, we explore how to learn IT better.

How to Actually Start Acquiring the IT skills you’ve Avoided Learning
It’s one thing to decide you want to pursue a career in IT. It’s another to buckle down and start building the knowledge you need. Here’s how you can get after your training goals ASAP.

New Course: White Hat Hacking v10
Sometimes to thwart hackers, you’ve got to think like them. Keith Barker’s latest training covers the lawful hacking techniques and tools needed to keep networks secure from outside threats.

Focus on the Process, not the Outcome to Learn IT with Confidence
Of course, you want to master that skill or earn that certification. But when you are starting out, focus on concrete steps, instead of worrying about the end goal. You’ll be surprised how much quicker you achieve your goals.


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