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This Week: Why You’ll Win With AWS Certification

We can’t get enough of the cloud, and you should be right there with us. It can transform organizations and careers. This week, we discussed why cloud certification is a must, took a look at a revamped AWS cert, and even examined the impact of SaaS on IT.

Why Cloud Certification is a Can’t-Lose Pursuit
There’s a lot of debate within IT circles about the value of this cert and that cert. But cloud certification might be one of the smartest investments you can make. Here’s why.

6 Ways SaaS Continues to Shape IT
It’s safe to say the cloud has arrived and is here to stay for a long time. We explored the ways AWS continues to impact IT infrastructures and how that affects the bottom line.  

How to Pick the Right Cloud Path
Specialization can help you stand out in the rapidly growing field of cloud IT professionals. We put together a primer to help you choose the cloud path that best fits you and your organization.

Webinar: What’s New in 2018 with AWS Solutions Architect
Anthony Sequeira discussed the revamped AWS Solutions Architect exam, shared ideas how to be successful and have fun testing for the exam, and highlighted how this cert helps you get up to speed with the cloud quickly.  

What Every Org Needs to Know About Cloud Migration
There are many reasons for companies to adopt the cloud. However, cloud services might not be a viable solution for your business, yet. Here’s what decision-makers should know before they jump headfirst into the cloud.


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