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This Week: Project Management 101

If you’re like many IT professionals, you’ve spent a lot of time managing projects across teams. It’s actually part of the job. This week, we look at how to get experience, what counts as PMP experience, and your best options moving forward in your PM career.

5 Project Management Certs, No Experience Necessary
Okay. They’re not really easy, but there are certain certifications with fewer requirements than others. Most PM certs require some element of experience. These ones, however, do not. Use these certifications as a starting point for your project management career.

4 Reasons Project Management Is Hard
From the outside, project management seems easy. After all, it’s just knowing what needs to be done, ensuring every piece of a complex puzzle moves at the right time, and that everyone is happy. What can possibly be so hard about that?

What Happens If PMP Audits Your Experience?
When you’re applying for the PMP certification, you have to list all the projects you worked on in the past few years. It’s possible that you might get selected for a random audit. (And, yes, it’s really random.) If that happens, here’s what you need to do.

What Counts as Project Management Experience?
If you’ve ever looked at the marquee project management certifications (like PMP and CAPM), you saw that they typically require documentation that you led and directed projects. What does that even mean? If you don’t have a PM, does all that time count? We have the answer.

CAPM vs PMP vs Project+ for New Project Managers
At some point, you’ve probably looked into project management certifications to validate your project experience. You might have even considered becoming a career project manager. Depending on your experience (and interest level), here are the best options out there.


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