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This Week: Networking in 2018

Between Jeremy Cioara, Keith Barker, Anthony Sequeira, and a slew of our other trainers, it can be definitely said that we at CBT Nuggets know a thing or two about networking. That’s why we decided to go over the latest and greatest happenings in the networking world this week on the blog!

What To Know About Intent-Based Networking
There’s a major shift coming in how networks are managed with intent-based networking systems (IBNS). This model gives network administrators the ability to define their networks and have an automated platform create the desired state and enforce policies. As IBNS grows more mainstreamed, here are things you should know about intent-based networking.

What Makes Networking Difficult?
Protocols, media types, and gateways are networking components that have been made easier in recent years. But that doesn’t mean networking as a whole isn’t complex. There’s a lack of predictability that still makes networking tough.

How You Can Become a Next-Gen Network Engineer
Technologies are changing, a need is growing for more agile networking, and automation is becoming a larger buzzword than ever before. It’s clear to see that network operations as a whole are in the midst of a digital transformation. Here’s what you need to do to keep up with the changing tides.

How Networks Need to Evolve
Organizations are starting to demand more agile network structures that can support their new and improved digital strategies. This need for agility is requiring teams to look beyond basic hardware speeds and feeds, and more toward software and automation to accomplish their goals.

Why Orgs Need IT Pros Who Know SDN
SDN is one of those terms that often means both everything and nothing at the same time. Organizations want to get in with the newest solutions but first, they need pros who truly understand the tech. SDN is driving changes to the networking industry, shifting the value from hardware to software — so it’s definitely worth having some in-house knowledge on it.


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