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Closing Your Technical Skills Gap with Online Training

Every company will soon be a software development company. Though a little hyperbolic, that’s how it seems. Most organizations are transforming, which means they’re either hiring or training. There’s no third option.

If you’re trying to hire tech professionals, you know finding the right talent is tough. The numbers are against you. The talent pool of available technical candidates is dwindling. The National Federation of Independent Business found that 45 percent of small businesses are unable to find qualified applicants.

If you’re trying to build a dream team, you’re fighting an uphill battle. You’ve probably noticed that highly qualified candidates are in great demand. And it’s going to get worse.

A gap has been growing between the skills people have and the work expected of them. This disconnect is known as the technology skills gap. The good news is solutions exist outside of talent acquisition.

The Struggle to Find Qualified IT Pros

As companies grow, they will suffer shortages, as there are less IT professionals available. The reported shortage of fundamental tech skills is at least doubling at each stage of technological innovation.

There will be approximately 1.4 million computing and engineering positions needing to be filled by 2020. Studies also predict that universities will only graduate approximately 400,000 computer science students.

According to the Cloud Foundry Foundation, 64 percent of IT professionals and executives agree there is a developer shortage. Of that majority, 34 percent feel there “is now or will soon be a shortage of skilled developers to meet global demand. More than half of these respondents (57 percent) say they have a “hard time hiring developers with the required skills.”

It’s clear that finding qualified candidates is tough. So don’t wait for a skilled candidate to walk through the door. Put your team ahead technologically with alternatives.

Hire and Train The Best You Find

Let’s say you don’t have the perfect candidates applying for roles. But you have good ones who have some of the skills you need. These candidates can be a good starting point. Take them on, give them a chance, and shape their skill set.

It’s common for companies to recruit internally for critically manned positions. By about a two-to-one margin, businesses are choosing training to address skills shortages. Giving your team the tools to build technical skills can fill the gaps. Look into internal options before turning to a recruiter.

Short-sighted companies have an aversion to training. Company-sponsored training is an investment. It’s flawed logic that time spent training is time wasted. Training improves both productivity and retention.

Training your employees makes them more productive on a daily basis and also increases their quality of work. A robust training program helps your team evolve with changing technology and markets. They gain the skills to develop innovative, long-lasting solutions.

Finally, training your employees contributes to their workplace engagement. Plus, offering opportunities to develop helps both attract and keep skilled workers.

Why Online Training Makes Sense to Close the Gap

There are a variety of options for technical skills training. Some people hold onto skills better in a classroom setting. But online learning has grown in popularity in the past decade. Because of this, more organizations are breaking the traditional classroom mold and turning to online models.

Online training shines where other options don’t. The cost is lower than boot camps or pursuing a computer science degree. Your team can devote the time they have to watch videos. This creates an ability to build training time into schedules, both at and outside of work.

Online training also helps close another gap, called the transfer gap. The transfer gap happens when too much time passes between learning and doing. When struggling with concepts, your team can work through the issue then and there. They can simply rewatch the video, or even getting their hands dirty in a lab. They also don’t have to sit through topics they already know; they can jump through videos as necessary.

Using technology, companies are delivering training to workers looking to enter tech, improve their skill sets, and earn certifications. But e-learning platforms are useful for not only technical skills but for soft skills.

Communication and collaboration are crucial to success. In a survey conducted by Workforce Solutions Group, more than 60 percent of employers say applicants who can’t display interpersonal skills aren’t considered for jobs.

Online training is growing into a standard that especially works for companies. Your team likely knows their way around a computer, so it’s easier for them to take their learning online.

It’s Time To Get Closing

The technology skills gap is growing, but you can fix it by investing in the development of your employees.

Whether you’re building out a new path for a team member or developing the skills of someone new, online training is effective. Your team can put effective training programs in place. Then they can measure the effort put toward achieving learning goals. When your team achieves goals, the entire organization reaps benefits.


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