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This Week: Why Chef Benefits a DevOps Culture

To mark the release of Shawn Powers’ newest Chef course, we devoted the blog this week to Chef and DevOps. We took a look at why organizations should adopt a DevOps mindset, how Chef makes certain tasks easier, and debunked a few myths surrounding automation.

Why Your Org Needs a DevOps Culture
If your organization hasn’t already, it needs to adopt a DevOps mindset — there are so many benefits. Need convincing? We’ve laid out the case for establishing a DevOps culture within your company.  

Chef vs. Puppet: Which is the Best Fit for Your Org?
There are a lot of automation tools on the market; two of the leaders are Chef and Puppet. We’ve put together a primer to help you decide which one fits your shop’s needs. Ultimately, it comes down to preference, but it’s always smart to do some research.

5 Tasks that Chef Takes Off Your Hands
Building systems and writing code are time-consuming. That’s why tools, such as Chef, can make IT pros’ lives easier — or at least let them focus on more pressing matters. Here are five tasks where Chef is more than capable of doing the heavy lifting for you!

Webinar: How to Transition to DevOps
If wrapping your head around the concept of a DevOps approach seems hard, wait until you try implementing it — but there are ways to make the process easier. In his recent webinar, Shawn Powers shared his advice for smoothing the transition to DevOps.

Debunking 3 Automation Myths
Will automation make my job disappear? Can I just hit cruise control at work? If you are new to automation frameworks, you might have a lot of questions — and maybe even some concerns. We set out to address some of the myths surrounding automation and its impact on IT.


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