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This Week: Online vs. In-Person Training

Education and training are important. There’s no debating that. There is a debate, however, about the best way to attain (and administer) education and training. Some people learn better in a classroom. Others have no problem digesting material they learn online. This week, we looked at the online training, traditional learning, and a few applications of a hybrid approach.

Is Learning Online Really That Effective?
Despite literally hundreds of years (seriously) of distance education, there’s still a debate around its efficacy. While we can’t speak to the quality of distance education in 1798, we’re guessing it’s easier to accomplish now. But as for the question of effectiveness, the answer remains: It depends.

How to Write a Training Manager Job Description
Even smaller companies are realizing the effects that training has on recruiting, retention, and strengthening their workforce — and that’s a good thing. However, a culture of learning needs to be tended and curated. Training should be coordinated by a single person (or department) with the right balance of education, technology, and people skills. Here’s what that role looks like.

What Do Employers Think about Online IT Degrees?
More students are enrolling in online degree programs at a faster pace than ever before. With the uptick in online degrees, we wanted to examine their perception among employers. Here are a few things to consider before incurring the time and monetary cost of taking courses online.

Why Training Matters More than Raises
Believe it or not, Glassdoor recently found that many people will take education and growth opportunities for a raise. Here’s the reason why benefits, like company-sponsored online training, produce higher retention rates, lower attrition, and happier employees.

Don’t Hire Cybersecurity Pros, Grow Them
The need for information security analysts is exploding. In the next 10 years, demand for IT security skills is expected to increase by 28 percent. You have two options: Hire security experts or train your existing staff in security. There are benefits to either option and either way, they’ll want to develop professionally.


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