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This Week: IT Ethics

As technology develops, morally gray areas develop that we all need to explore. Just because you’re an IT pro doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye to corporate ethics. This week on the CBT Nuggets blog, we examined some ethical issues that are affecting technology and IT — and how you should respond to such issues.

Why IT Pros Should Speak Up On Ethical Issues
If you’re the IT pro at your company, you are likely knee deep in technological issues. But that doesn’t mean leadership is fully aware of the effect technology could have on a variety of ethical issues. When it comes to these issues, speaking your mind can clear things up more than you foresee.

Fix Your Organization’s Compliance Program in 5 Steps
Building a compliance policy for your organization is no easy feat. Businesses spend enormous amounts of money on these programs, and training consumes thousands of valuable employee hours. Ensure that your organization is getting the most out of this investment.

3 Ethical Dilemmas in Tech That’ll Alarm You
As tech advances to new levels of complexity, we naturally use it to take work off our hands and do exciting new things. But with greater technological capability comes gray areas we seriously need to consider. Here are some of the latest ethical dilemmas we see popping up — and why they’re worth addressing today.

What Are the Concerns With AI?
Intelligent machines have made tasks such as research, translation, and IT run more efficiently — making humans more productive in their processes. With all this innovation in AI comes a new terrain of ethical concerns.

7 Ways to Build Trust After a Breach
After major data breaches at Equifax, Facebook, and Wells Fargo, organizations responsible for consumer data are under increased scrutiny. Gaining consumer trust after a monumental breach entails more than just slapping a band-aid on the issue and calling it good. It’s an internal, external, and ongoing process that relies on complete transparency.


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